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Jesus parable of the four soil types:  By the Road, Rocky, Thorny, and Good soil.  Each represents a different response to the gospel.  

Yesterday, in our service, using the The Story Chapter 24, we looked at various peoples interaction with Jesus.  And given the colored cards, it was interesting to see people's perspectives on how the characters responded.   (You can watch it in our sermon section).

In the end, we looked at our own lives and church?  Are we good soil?  Are we fruitful?  Are we living out the Sermon on the Mount?  What evidence last week would verify our choice of soil?  

I'd love to hear any further thoughts you had personally about the soil types. 

I'd also like to hear how the sermon format worked.  It was a new way, even for me, so I'm just wondering how it worked. I know some will love it, and some probably hated it (or was it conviction?).  I'll take your thoughts and learn from them.  

You are loved!


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