Put on your hero lense!  Due to weather, we are not having a service on 2/14/2021.  While we considered doing an online only full version, we decided it was an opportune time for a Rest in His Presence.  So, using pursuegod.org, we've prepared a simple but powerful time for us.

Take a few minutes to prepare your heart by listening to a worship song or two.

Then watch the Pursue God video connected.  It's from a series on BreakThrough.  Here's where I want you to change your perspective.  Not only think about breakthrough, but ask yourself the question, "How does pacing my life transform me into a hero?  How does pacing my life make me a better hero?"  

  • A _________ life keeps us from being present enough to love God and people. “_______” is intentionally putting ourselves into situations that teach us to wait. Matthew 17:4-5
  • A _______ life gives the world permission to shape us into its mold. “______” is withdrawing from the constant barrage of stimulation (highs and lows) to let God transform us. Romans 12:2Mark 6:30-31,45-46
  • A ________ life tempts us to use our words to control things. “________” is choosing not to speak so you can hear from God and learn to submit. Ecclesiastes 5:1-2Isaiah 30:15Psalm 46:10James 3:2

I'd encourage you to journal, talk as a family, or call a friend and talk about insights you gained.  You could also email Pastor Ben your thoughts.  

We all need a breakthrough.  Many of us need to breakthrough to become the hero God intended for us to be.  Will we prepare ourselves for that breakthrough?

You are a hero.

For more questions, and information on breakthrough visit: Breakthrough Disciplines - pursueGOD.org  (More questions for today are found with video 4...click on the four above the videos.)